3. Karlie Kloss: The Demise (Part 2)

Kressie 0:00
Welcome to part two of the Karlie Kloss Episode The demise. We finished our last episode talking about one of their last public sightings. So let’s dive right back in.

Ali 0:17
So now we’re in 2017. Let’s start in April Harley Kloss has an interview with the love magazine,
people are starting to speculate. Karlie and Taylor were really public with their friendship. And now it seems like there’s been a bit of a dry spell. They haven’t really been seen out together. There haven’t really been posts or anything like that. And Taylor hasn’t been anywhere. So obviously Taylor is going through a really, really difficult time. But it looks like you know, Karlie’s going on with her life Karlie was nowhere to be found. (Kressie: She was nowhere to be found.) She was still doing interviews, which I guess she had to continue with her career, but it just seems like she really wasn’t there for Taylor during this time, from what we can tell.

Kressie 0:56
And this is someone who had a bedroom in Taylor’s apartment with snacks for her.

Ali 1:02
Yeah. So in this interview with the love magazine, Karlie, she’s asked something along the lines of Are you a fan of Taylor? I guess people are just wondering, maybe speculating already that Karlie and Taylor are on scene together. And Karlie responds, “ha, yes, I’m a big fan of taytay. But I love her for who she is and what a wonderful friend she is. So I’m a fan and a friend.” Personally, I kind of feel like this is a weird response. I mean, not saying that when they were best friends. I’m sure she was still a fan of Taylor, but to me, it just seems a little bit fake. If I gotta be honest, I mean, how do you interpret it?

Kressie 1:41
Um, well, I don’t want to break it down too much. I am an English major. I can break down a sentence and argue whatever argument I want. That’s just the unfortunate truth I can make whatever argument I can break apart a sentence word by word was syllable by syllable any page essay. “I love her for who she is and what a wonderful friend she is.” Let’s start there. To me that sounds kind of kind of like a backhanded compliment. Kind of like the way Someone may say Kressie I see you’re wearing red lipstick today. Like, you’re so confident. For wearing red lipstick.

Ali 2:28
And I love her for who she is. That’s like what you say about a bitch.

Kressie 2:30
It’s like, yeah, Kim Kardashian, she’s, she’s very confident in who she is. That’s like what you say when you don’t want to say anything bad. It’s like, she’s a good business woman. She’s, she’s true to who she is as a person. And this is kind of it’s like, Taylor is who she is. She says I’m a fan and a friend. She says I’m a fan before she says I’m a friend. And maybe that’s because of the way the question is asked, and again, I’m an English major. I break things down. too deeply but just just saying that she called her fan before a friend. And she’s not saying best friend. These people will have been like BFFs right or die like and they publicly call each other best friends. Yeah, yeah. Like you said it. It’s a stark change. It’s it’s very unfortunate especially not Taylor’s in hiding right now. Recording Look what you made me do recording reputation. This is a very, very dark, unhappy, lonely time for her. The squad wasn’t there. The squat wasn’t there.

Ali 3:38
They didn’t stick up for her. Yeah, it’s so sad.

Unknown Speaker 3:43

Unknown Speaker 3:44
also in 2017, for those of you who may not remember may not have been as shocked as we were, but Taylor completely deleted her social media. She had nothing on her Instagram for I don’t even know how long but it was It was shocking like a lot of people were talking about it. She deleted everything. Probably one of the first celebrities to do that. So props to you, Taylor, you’re always a genius,

Unknown Speaker 4:09
and a pipe in no do it. This happened during rush of 2017. And my sorties president

Unknown Speaker 4:18
is as just a big as a Taylor stand as I am. So we was talking about it. We weren’t very close, but we would always talk about Taylor and I the second that it happened, like,

Unknown Speaker 4:28
minutes after Taylor deleted everything. I came up to her and I was like, What is this?

Unknown Speaker 4:33
What is happening? Any said something like? Did she get hat, and I said, I think something’s coming.

Unknown Speaker 4:42
This snake photos after Taylor completely deleted all of her content on her Instagram, she started to post these super cryptic close ups of a snake. So now it’s August 2017. All of Taylor’s social media is deleted except for these pictures of a snake. Well the look what you made me do music video comes out and there are many iconic moments from this video. It is one of our favorite music videos from Taylor in general probably the best ever. But one of the most iconic moments probably my favorite moment of Taylor history ever. Is the Taylor mountain from the look what you made me do music video. So if you haven’t seen it, kind of towards the end of the music video, the reputation era Taylor is standing at the top of a mountain of all of her old Taylor looks. It’s literally reputation era Taylor standing on a mountain of other tailors but all the tailors that are climbing up the mountain trying to get to reputation Taylor they are all her iconic old looks like there is the marching band look from Red era they have country Taylor and like a sparkly silver dress and curly hair. Well one of these looks is her look from the You belong with mean music video where she wears the junior jewels shirt. It’s a white t shirt. She wears it with PJ pants and the You belong with me music video and glasses and it’s when she’s in her room and it’s really cute and it’s kind of like a shirt you would make at a summer camp or anything like that it has signatures from all of her friends on this Junior jewel shirt. Well, in the look what you made me do music video, she makes a new version of this Junior jewel shirt for the mountain of tailors. And this Taylor is wearing the shirt but with all of her current friends signatures. It does include Abigail, of course her best friend from high school, but there are a lot of famous names on this shirt, including Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran, Ryan Reynolds, like lively. So a lot of notable friends are on this shirt. Well a lot of people quickly noticed Karlie’s name was nowhere to be found. And this was a big story from when the look what you made me do music video came out and a lot of people to this as a sign that Taylor Karlie are no longer friends. Her name wasn’t on the shirt,

Unknown Speaker 7:04
and the camera made a point to show all the names.

Unknown Speaker 7:07
So we saw we saw them. Yeah, do not be mistaken. There was plenty of room on the shirt. If Taylor had wanted Karlie’s name there. And it wasn’t there were there was room. And this definitely felt like a very direct, pretty obvious hit towards Karlie. But we think that there might be some other underlying messages about her and Karlie’s friendship throughout the look what you made me do music video.

Unknown Speaker 7:32
Yes. So I have a lengthy blog post that I wrote in 2018 where I I break down not every scene but every frame. So I think I’m qualified to speak on the video. There are a few little digs that kind of friends betraying her but one scene that kind of hurts my heart a little bit. You guys might have heard of it. It’s in the beginning when she’s sitting on a gold throne. It’s pretty soon after the bathtub scene when she’s in the diamonds. She’s sitting on a gold throne there snakes pouring her tea. And then the camera pans into the armrest and engraved in the gold armrest it says at two brute which means and you Brutus from the Shakespeare play Julius Caesar. And that scene seizures, basically being stabbed, he’s dying and he sees that one of his attackers is someone that he an ally, a friend, someone he thought had his back Brutus. So, for those of you who don’t know at two Brutus kind of a thing people say when they’re betrayed, and I think that’s overshadowed that this is a dig at Kim and Kanye, and it totally is but just the weight of it to brew. She’s not she’s not surprised that Kim and Kanye aren’t good people, you know, like, that’s it’s not the level of like Caesar being stabbed by his best friend Brutus. You know, it’s not the same. It’s way more in line with Karlie or Kendall Jenner or

Unknown Speaker 9:11
a lot of other people but not,

Unknown Speaker 9:14
not Kanye. And the situation for sure.

Unknown Speaker 9:16
And a lot of people have said that the whole era is about Kim and Kanye. And that definitely pulled a lot of inspiration, I’m sure, but there is proof that there are other modules to other feuds that Taylor has had, like, for instance, the car crash scene where she’s literally dressed up like Katy Perry. And I think with the combination of Karlie’s name missing from the shirt, I think it’s very possible that

Unknown Speaker 9:41
that is about Karlie.

Unknown Speaker 9:42
I definitely see it Taylor let Karlie sleep in her house. And then, you know, once things got real for Taylor, she just left it’s just gone. And I could definitely see this part being about Karlie.

Unknown Speaker 9:55

Unknown Speaker 9:56
whoa. I just remembered something.

Unknown Speaker 9:59
Yes. Holy shit, Ali. What?

Unknown Speaker 10:02
The Lions? I don’t like your kingdom keys they once belonged to me. You asked me for a place to sleep locked me out and threw a feast.

Unknown Speaker 10:11
Karlie had a bedroom. apartment. Yeah. Ah, I just put that together.

Unknown Speaker 10:20
Taylor left. Metaphorically her heart open for Karlie. And Karlie just locked that right back up. said yeah, I don’t have your back. We’re in Frederick Taylor Taylor, who? Karlie is sounding a lot like Taylor in the background of the 22 song when she goes who’s chair swift anyway.

Unknown Speaker 10:43
That’s my I’m pretending Karlie said that.

Unknown Speaker 10:45
Yes. Even though she

Unknown Speaker 10:48
probably is now. Damn, Damn. Damn.

Unknown Speaker 10:52
So then in November 2017, the whole album reputation comes out. This is why we can’t have nice things is on the album might be about Karlie could be definitely about Karlie. I mean think about the nice things that Karlie had because of Taylor

Unknown Speaker 11:10
just knowing that the Fourth of July party was one of the last things Taylor did and the song is kind of the boss says What did you say the line about parties were so Godspeed

Unknown Speaker 11:24
from the balcony like yeah, it just it really it painted a scene for Fourth of July parties to me

Unknown Speaker 11:30
also in November 2017. Taylor had written the song better man for Sugarland, obviously it was a country song so Sugarland sing it but she was the writer. So better man was nominated in 2017 at the CMA Awards, and Karlie cause was one of the announcers, among many among many, but Karlie was up there as an announcer when better man, one song of the year that year

Unknown Speaker 12:00
sheeler Ellie,

Unknown Speaker 12:01
and where was Taylor?

Unknown Speaker 12:02
She was rushing home.

Unknown Speaker 12:04
Yikes. Or maybe a hotel? I don’t know. She was not there.

Unknown Speaker 12:09
Do you think Karlie Klosses big in the country music scene? You think she goes to the cmas? Often for fun? She totally thought

Unknown Speaker 12:16
there was gonna be there.

Unknown Speaker 12:18
What Karlie would not have gone. Karlie is a supermodel.

Unknown Speaker 12:22
She is not connected with any country music singers at all. And

Unknown Speaker 12:25
she wasn’t the only announcer up there. Why was she there?

Unknown Speaker 12:29
They thought it was gonna be there. Also, before we move on,

Unknown Speaker 12:34
that this is like an hour’s long thing. Like Karlie had to like, dress

Unknown Speaker 12:38
up. Go to like the country music or it’s like red carpet table even there like Who does she talk to?

Unknown Speaker 12:45
It’s hard when your friends don’t stick up for you on public, isn’t it Karlie?

Unknown Speaker 12:50
And Taylor’s just Mia? She’s like I’m pretty sure she’s in like flannel and yoga pants like on the Hangout with Joe. Yeah, like watching the words at home. Oh my god. Probably like flipping channels and

Unknown Speaker 13:05
Oh God, okay, some things are just so great. So in December 2017 Karlie posts for Taylor’s birthday but let’s just say it is noticeably less personal than past posts where she calls her a ride or die. You know, they’re obviously we were both young when I first saw you like all these captions she’s had in the past. So what was this caption? It was just you know, she’s a true wordsmith. Let me tell you four words. four words. It says Happy Birthday Taylor. Definitely seemed like Karlie was at a loss for words. They’re still wanted to be associated as Taylor’s friend, but nope, nope. Now let’s move on to 2018 Kressie

Unknown Speaker 13:50
what’s going on in 2018? All right, so now we’re in January 2018. Things start to slow down here. We are almost caught up to you today. But you might notice that Karlie hasn’t shown any public support for Taylor’s reputation album, which is a stark contrast to the massive support she showed for nighty night. She went to several concert she tweeted or she Instagram. She was a huge fan and it’s been radio silence from Karlie about reputation. And then this same January Karlie post and Instagram she’s dribbling a basketball and she caption said, swish swish. So for those of you who don’t know, swish swish is the name of a song by Katy Perry. You probably haven’t heard of it because it did not perform well. It was just a weird sign to be on it. It just came and went it. It was swish swish. I could not even tell you a single lyric from it because

Unknown Speaker 14:49
it’s so wrong swish

Unknown Speaker 14:50
swish bitch or something like it’s something just so yeah, trivial and like Swift.

Unknown Speaker 14:57
like Taylor Swift.

Unknown Speaker 14:58
It’s basically over sponsz songs to bad blood a little late, but, and this is all fine now because Katie and Taylor are cool. They’re friends now. We’ll get into that later. But just at this time at this very moment, they were not on good terms. And Katie released the song in 2017 as 2018. And Karlie uses it as her caption, so maybe this is a coincidence.

Unknown Speaker 15:22
Well, maybe not because she then changes it to nothing but net after the incredible backlash she got because obviously,

Unknown Speaker 15:30
you were Taylor’s best friend. And this is the same title of a song that’s

Unknown Speaker 15:35
like a diss track. You know, it’s, I

Unknown Speaker 15:38
mean, swished was just not that unique, but it’s not that long after the song and she knew about it.

Unknown Speaker 15:45
Well, let me get to February. Do you know what happens in February? I don’t know if she has dinner with Katy Perry or with Katy Perry. She has dinner with Katy Perry. She definitely

Unknown Speaker 15:53
knows the song. This really

Unknown Speaker 15:56
puts a different light on the swish swish post does make look more intentional. Maybe Karlie thought it would be kind of sneaky kind of silly like an inside joke. No the entire world no

Unknown Speaker 16:07
ice. Yeah. There’s no way to miss it. We no

Unknown Speaker 16:12
iced this same month there is a Jennifer Lawrence interview where she really just says what we’re all thinking. Love. Lawrence, the interviewer asked Jay log, what would you like to do if you were a spy in real life? Because Jayla was promoting her current movie at the time. It’s called Red Sparrow to spy movie. I haven’t seen it. Or if I have I forgotten it. Maybe I’ll watch it. J law says direct quote, that she’d like to know what’s going on with karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift. That’s the honest to god truth. She said, What happened between them was keeping her up at night and quote, so yeah, she wanted to use her spy powers to learn about this. We get it because same I’ve been worried about

Unknown Speaker 16:56
his. Jayla was saying what we were all thin

Unknown Speaker 16:59
ing. She was the Speaker of the people. And now that brings us to march 2018. The New York Times runs a profile on Karlie. She calls Taylor, one of her closest friends addresses the rumors about their falling out. And karlie Kloss says they frequently taught and to not believe everything you

Unknown Speaker 17:19
ead. We don’t believe you, Karlie. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 17:21
Jan. I would just like to say Taylor has not said anything at this point in interviews, at least that we’ve found, which I think s

Unknown Speaker 17:30
eaks a lot to the fact that Karlie is still talking about it maybe just being asked about and Taylor’s probably like, no one’s allowed to talk to me about Karlie cos don’t even utter her name probably in interviews. I I think Taylor is not only smart enough, but also powerful enough to have her publicist say, Do not ask her questions about Karlie cos because I will not respond to them. And clearly Karlie’s publicist was not able to have the same point. Or Karlie or she do

Unknown Speaker 18:02
sn’t want to talk to you at all Yeah, maybe they didn’t have that at

Unknown Speaker 18:07
all. I’d like to hope that that was what Karlie would have wanted. You think it’s like a smart career mo

Unknown Speaker 18:17
e to it would be respectful Be respectful for your f

Unknown Speaker 18:20
iend her past for and it’s probably it’s play annoying to be asked about it constantly but yeah obviously Taylor has not said anything hurt either she or her publicist have clarified to any interviewer that she doesn’t want to be asked about it because you know they would if they could. Interesting yo now we’re in August what a publicity stunt oh so I there were two k K’s at the Nashville reput

Unknown Speaker 18:51
tion Kressie Kornis and Karlie class I would like to say I was better kk but who knows defin

Unknown Speaker 18:57
tely more p

Unknown Speaker 18:58
oto. I didn’t get a photo with Taylor The

Unknown Speaker 19:00
ther kk d

Unknown Speaker 19:02
d so there’s a photo of them together Karlie posted she captions that no one puts on a show like at Taylor Swift hashtag reputation tour Nashville was out of this world. I am so proud of you in quote. To me, it sounded like she was just trying to put a rest or any rumors that this was look you guys we have a picture together. We’re still friends but you know anyone can go to a concert and when you’re VIP, I mean, this means nothing to me. This means nothing to me a photo of them at a cup, maybe a photo of them at dinner together, maybe anywhere else at a concert where I w

Unknown Speaker 19:35
s at thousands of other people were at in Nashville.

Unknown Speaker 19:38
eah, yeah, there were other people that this whatever, whatever. So October 2018 karlie Kloss is asked about her friendship with Taylor again during Vogue 73 questions. Why have her publicist not learned by no

Unknown Speaker 19:52
Who knows? J

Unknown Speaker 19:55
sus? Just say you don’t want to be asked about Taylor like what I want. This is Anyway, I think she’s asked

Unknown Speaker 20:03
Yes. She’s asked, this is a direct quote, I just have to get this out the way because the world deserves to know. And just just to pipe in this is me, not the quote. Interesting that the way this interviewer worded it as the world deserves to know. I mean, we don’t deserve anything like, this is dumb. So starting over the world deserves to know. Is everything cool with you and Taylor? And Karlie responds by saying this is a direct quote, the world deserves to know. Well, Jennifer Lawrence is interested, Jen, don’t worry, Taylor and I are still really good friends. And q

Unknown Speaker 20:38
ote, why did you have to call Jennifer Lawrence the shade? She didn’t

Unknown Speaker 20:42
even answer. She didn’t even answer the question. She basically just said

Unknown Speaker 20:46
ike, Jen, she, she responded to Jennifer and Jen. Jen, let’s

Unknown Speaker 20:52
et’s back up. That was in February 2018. We’re in October 2018. Yeah, this is obviously still on Karlie’s

Unknown Speaker 20:59
mind and it’s still Just something about the way Karlie is answering some of these questions is just really rubbed me the wrong way. It was shady towards Jen it’s

Unknown Speaker 21:10
just tongue in cheek I guess is that what I’m trying for? I understand why she began her answer what the world deserves no question why because honestly saying like the world the road doesn’t deserve to know. They don’t world anything like the world deserves no i can i get the beginning part of that but then addressing jalaw Nex

Unknown Speaker 21:31
, if you think by this p

Unknown Speaker 21:33
int, years after the Kim case Snapchat video, she would have an answer down memorized word by word of what she would say when she was asked

Unknown Speaker 21:46
his. I also really need to point out, I watch a lot of these 73 questions videos. They are. So choreograph planned everything like there’s no way they do these things. In a single take, I would assume that all the questions are handed to the actress or bottle or singer. And they can at least plan out what they’re trying to say. Like if you watch these they seem very scripted to be honest. I mean, they might be genuine ans

Unknown Speaker 22:18

Unknown Speaker 22:18
But Karlie probably knew that this was going to be a question if you watch these videos, it’s just always so smooth. It’s just not realistic. Like they’ll be walking down the street and someone hands someone a coffee like you know, it’s just, it’s just not real. So it’s like Curley knew this was co

Unknown Speaker 22:35
ing. Regardless, it doesn’t make her look good. Now totally agree. She probably didn’t know that this was coming. But even if she did it still shitty an

Unknown Speaker 22:45
wer. Yeah, still Shouldn’t you go

Unknown Speaker 22:48
it? Yep. Karlie, it’s been two years since

Unknown Speaker 22:52
his. Took a downward spiral. Alright, moving on. Oh, it gets really messy here. same month, October 2008. Was Karlie Klosses first wedding ceremony? So she had two of these. She married Joshua Kushner. They are two ceremonies at this one. There were only 80 people and it conflicted with Taylor’s reputation tour. So she had an excuse she wasn’t able to go. All right. Well then there was a second wedding ceremony which talked about rich people problems. I know Taylor Swift can’t come to my s

Unknown Speaker 23:27
cond wedding and almost a year later to

Unknown Speaker 23:31
like I get it like maybe like a celebrity one of them maybe with one of District

Unknown Speaker 23:34
lose family

Unknown Speaker 23:36
But regardless Taylor, it has been confirmed that till there was invited to the October 2018 and the June 2019. One Taylor did not go to either. All right. And let’s end the year of 2018. With December, Karlie posted an Instagram story, not a post for Taylor’s birthday. And Karlie’s defense, which is something you won’t hear me say a lot stories about. becoming more popular on this time, especially for birthdays. Yeah, I don’t understand how they work. But although it is interesting that it’s not a full

Unknown Speaker 24:08
ost, I go, I can see why it would be a story even if they were BFFs still and the caption says proud of you always heart emoji Happy Happy Birthday at Taylor Swift. So this picture looks really old. It looks like it’s from a few years ago, maybe there’s no recent pictures or post probably the most recent picture they have the post is the one from the reputation tour and she’s still a

Unknown Speaker 24:30
ive. So yeah, and

Unknown Speaker 24:33
it’s it’s kind of the same caption as her 2017 posts one from the previous year Happy Happy birt

Unknown Speaker 24:39
day, literally ver

Unknown Speaker 24:39
atim very different from her 2016 post where it was a sweet, I love you so much. little paragraph, not wrap. So 2018 Why don’t you bring it home with 20

Unknown Speaker 24:51
8 le so obviously, things have changed. You’re not really good good friends with people. If this person was your rider, die best friend and then they’re not at all Either of your weddings, your two weddings, there is just no way Karlie is telling the t

Unknown Speaker 25:05
uth. And we totally we shoul

Unknown Speaker 25:08
add that Taylor is not a stranger to wedd

Unknown Speaker 25:11
ngs. Now she goes to her fan weddings a lot. She just shows up at them. I

Unknown Speaker 25:16
on’t know she’s invited but she doe

Unknown Speaker 25:18
n’t. It’s just invited. It’s she’s invited. But it’s a surprise. She goes to weddings a lot. She’s been to a lot of her friend’s wedding. She’s been a bridesmaid. She’s been a maid of honor. She goes to wedd

Unknown Speaker 25:31
ngs. So it to not have her way. I go to thi

Unknown Speaker 25:35
one till I could sh

Unknown Speaker 25:36
w up at my dying breath. That would be probably best case scenario. Or

Unknown Speaker 25:41
ike, I feel like anyone’s dying breath. If Taylor Swift showe

Unknown Speaker 25:46
up. They were pro

Unknown Speaker 25:48
ably be kind of happy. So weddings. Taylor doesn’t need an in

Unknown Speaker 25:52
ite. And she goes to them. It’s not like she avoids weddings in general. She, she genuinely she’s a wedding. Guest look up the ph

Unknown Speaker 25:59
tos. She got And now I’m just thinking about speak now. And I just Oh, she loves. It

Unknown Speaker 26:04
eems like she loves weddings. We don’t want to like events that she loves weddings, but it seems like she doesn’t hate co

Unknown Speaker 26:12
ing. All the pictures of her with Abigail just yeah. At her. It’s just so cute. Who? Anyways, so now we’re in 2019 we’re about to wrap up because unfortunately Taylor and Karlie’s story is coming to an end. So in March 2019 Car

Unknown Speaker 26:33
y is mine I say the story of us is looking a lot like a traged

Unknown Speaker 26:37
now it is looking very tragic. Kr

Unknown Speaker 26:41

Unknown Speaker 26:42
Good point. I wish we could sang this podcast it would be so much more pleasurable for the listener. You

Unknown Speaker 26:47
now, I think I’m gonna learn how to play guitar for this exact re

Unknown Speaker 26:52
son. Can you auto tune us? Ooh, baby garage. Not be

Unknown Speaker 26:55
ause I’m insecure by voice I’ve accepted. I don’t have a good singing voice. But I just don’t want to hurt anyone’s ears? You

Unknown Speaker 27:01
now? It’s obviously killing Taylor in a crowded room that Karlie and her aren’t spea

Unknown Speaker 27:08
ing. But is it th

Unknown Speaker 27:10
ugh? Is it though, because she seems to be doing pretty darn well. Mo

Unknown Speaker 27:14
has breast cancer this entire

Unknown Speaker 27:17
ime. So even

Unknown Speaker 27:18
orse on Karlie’s heart when Taylor needed her most she was nowhere. Or you kno

Unknown Speaker 27:24
it. Was she nowhere. No, she was somew

Unknown Speaker 27:27
ere. She was on a show with Andy Cohen. And this was right after Taylor’s 30 things I learned before turning 30 sa for L. So in this essay, Taylor kind of talks about leaving certain friendships behind kind of learning what a lifelong friend is versus a not lifelong friend

Unknown Speaker 27:46
. So Karlie will link this interview. It’s really good highly recommend you read it, it. It’s very introspective. It’s very mature of her to talk about it in such a real way you

Unknown Speaker 27:59
now, ending around respectful way like she’s not dissing anyone. Yes, ta

Unknown Speaker 28:02
king about gossipy thing. It’s just, I thought I had real friends around me and I did it. Mm hmm. But I’ve grow

Unknown Speaker 28:10
up. So he asked Karlie, all these different questions. And then bam, he asked Karlie what she thinks about essays. So Andy Cohen certainly read it. Or maybe one of his earned interns read it, writers read it. And they’re like, we have Karlie on the show. We got to ask, Taylor’s literally talking about leaving friendships behind. And so Karlie responds, Taylor is incredible. And I feel really lucky to call her a friend and she is one of the hardest working women and I loved her essay and let me say, first off a little ra

Unknown Speaker 28:42
bley I don’t think it was rambley if you just look at the quote itself, but when you watch the video, you can tell she’s uncomfortable. Just us reading the quote it understates her reaction. Yeah, I have a video like obviously but believe Ali when she says it’s so weird. I

Unknown Speaker 28:59
‘s a little Weird it’s and it’s definitely kind of like she’s like fighting to get through it if that makes sense. So when she raises her grin

Unknown Speaker 29:06
ing, yes, when she raises her eyebrows, she’s like, Alright, that’s over. Next question. So in June 2019, Karlie, like we mentioned before I had her second wedding ceremony. Well, we have to say is Scooter Braun and Katy Perry were both there. Apparently, according to Karlie Taylor was invited to both weddings. But Karlie’s rep said that Taylor was unable to attend due to prior commitments, which is like the easiest thing to

Unknown Speaker 29:33
say. And you know, these celebrities plan our weddings two years in adv

Unknown Speaker 29:37
nce. Taylor said in her docume

Unknown Speaker 29:38
tary that she knows her tour dates, two years ahead of

Unknown Speaker 29:42
ime, two years in adv

Unknown Speaker 29:46
nce. So now we’re in July of 2019. Perez Hilton tweets a video saying he had a source tell him about what went down with Taylor and Karlie’s friendship. And honestly, even though it’s press Hilton saying this, I kind of believe this and think There’s some truth in it. So Perez says quote, Taylor found out that Karlie was telling things about her and her career to scooter and q

Unknown Speaker 30:09
ote, and for those of you who don’t know scooter is Karlie’s manager currently, and at this time he also represents other famous people like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. So just a quick rundown scooter acquired Big Machine Records, which was the record label that signed Taylor Swift and he bought Taylor’s masters without her knowing the deal is even happening it’s a long story and our third series breakdown whatever you want to call it is going to be about this but just know Taylor has some major Bad Blood with scooter there’s even are no scooters allowed sign in her demand music video, which th

Unknown Speaker 30:45
man rightfully pisses on anyways, so Preston goes on to say that he doesn’t think Harley was doing this in a malicious way. But it’s still upset Taylor’s and scooters obviously enemy number one with Taylor understandably so One of Taylor’s best friends later on actually adding on who is a stylist from Nashville. She styles all kinds of celebs. She likes a tweet of this video that pres tweeted saying that this is what went down between Taylor and Karlie. So, you know, I feel like that kind of sort of confirms it. Yeah Sam. And then that August A month later there was another source talking about the downfall of their friendship to Pres. It sounds like this is the beginning of the end and where things take your turn. So quote, their friendship came to an end over her live in Bessie allegedly inviting friends over without getting approval first leading to a furious Taylor and q

Unknown Speaker 31:42
ote. Oh my god, you know what this reminds me of a

Unknown Speaker 31:47
ley? Um, shall I take his back and the time machine to look Will you be up? Oh my god. Why do you ask me for a place to sleep locked me out in through a feast. Oh, my God. So again, we can totally take everything that Chris says with a grain of salt. But this makes sense. It taught us there’s no way

Unknown Speaker 32:11
that that line is about an

Unknown Speaker 32:13
one. But C

Unknown Speaker 32:14
rly. I literally had this epiphany in the sh

Unknown Speaker 32:17
wer. And just for you listeners, that’s when she’s in that orange outfit in The Birdcage swinging on the o

Unknown Speaker 32:23
the swing and The Bird

Unknown Speaker 32:24
age. That’s incred

Unknown Speaker 32:28
ble. In August 2019, the glorious love and release finally comes out. Let’s just say the album starts with I forgot that you ex

Unknown Speaker 32:38
sted after Taylor doesn’t attend Karlie’s wed

Unknown Speaker 32:42

Unknown Speaker 32:43
g. I just piping in to say that I printed out these lyrics. And line by line. I write why I think it’s about Karlie Kloss. Yes, freedom, a few examples. So there’s this song called I forgot that you existed and Totally could be about Kanye cam Calvin Harris, Karlie. But there are a few lines that make me think it’s definitely leaning towards Karlie. I do believe that all of these people that have done her wrong inspired this song, but there is this particular scene scenes on a movie, but you know what I mean? There’s, there’s this stanzas that, that the correct word says right out some popcorn as soon as my rep started going down, down, down, laughs on the school yard as soon as I tripped and hit the ground, ground ground, and I would have stuck around for you. What a thought the whole town for you. So for the people who think that the song is about Kim slash Kanye Taylor would not have bought the whole town for them. That that is something that you say about the best friend and especially the line about the schoolyard left on the school year, right. That’s a very friendship centered situation. And then there’s one more line that I would like us to touch on before moving on. This goes on after would have thought the whole town for you. She says would have been right there front row even if nobody came to your show. Obviously this could have been a mount Calvin Harris yeah shows Kanye he has shows Karlie she had shows because she’s a model. But I would like to emphasize that when your front row at a fashion show that’s highly publicized, you’re in the background of every photo of the models. People know if your front row to fashion show, no one knows if you’re not front row on a music concert because there’s a VIP section for celebrities. And it’s not very public. Again, I think all three inspire this, but I do have a big case that Karlie is included.

Unknown Speaker 34:36
one. So August 2019 levers release, I forgot that you existed and then to really just you know, bring it home. Karlie is photographed with Scooter Braun. It’s posted on Instagram by scooter. It’s literally captioned week of laughter and it’s scooter and Karlie and a group of people they look like they’re on a vacation. think they’re on a boat. just serve families in families. It’s just it’s just too close. Obviously you can’t be that close to scooter while also being close to Taylor just that’s just not how it works by November 2019. This is when Taylor tweets her long tweet about Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta pretty much blackmailing her into not recording her own music after they bought it. They’re basically saying you can’t perform the songs for her and these artists of the year performance are she was going to do a medley from her first songs were last songs. They were saying, No, you can’t use the songs for that because we own them. And then they’re also I guess, threatening that she couldn’t put the music in her documentary because they also not and they said, You’re not allowed to use your songs unless you agree to not rerecord your music like she said she was gonna do after they bought it. And she also had to stop talking about brown and Borchetta publicly, so obviously, they’re trying Pull the strings here and Taylor’s just not gonna have it and I’m proud of her for that I’m happy that she stood up for herself like that when she was literally just being played by these people. So right when this happened allegedly Karlie likes a tweet that is very obviously anti Taylor during the situation it literally quote tweets Taylor’s long essay tweet about this and it’s by Mark Dice and he says in the tweet, you sold your music and became filthy rich while doing so. It’s not yours anymore. It’s the record labels if I sell my car to someone else, and they won’t let me drive it anymore, it’s because it’s how things work. And Karlie apparently liked this tweet and then quickly unliked it but someone out there notice and that is how we are able to say this here so we don’t know for sure if it’s true or not, but if it is true, kind of puts her in a bad light and also just want to point out Mark Dice. You’re wrong like Taylor wrote the songs and just I know it might not be traditionally how it works, but those that is Taylor’s music and she

Unknown Speaker 37:04
till gets royalties from it even if she doesn’t own the Masters because she is listed as songwriters for all of them so it’s just very sketchy and also if this is made up this is such a specific tweet or it could be the one that they say Karlie allegedly lightened online because they’re definitely way more that were way more salacious.

Unknown Speaker 37:25
eah, you

Unknown Speaker 37:26
now, absolutely. This is an interesting thing to fake so I, I have more weight in it than I would other legends. Quick likes and un

Unknown Speaker 37:36
ikes Yeah, it definitely it definitely popped up a lot in our research, which makes me believe that it’s probably true that she liked it and then unliked it and

Unknown Speaker 37:44
he’s hanging out with scooter so she’s obviously choosing scooter over Taylor at this point. So it’s not unlikely that she would quickly like something like this just out of you know, we all have it, sometimes your thumbs a little faster than your brain. And that was really unfortunate for her and then December 2019 Karlie is obviously missing from all of Taylor’s birthday photos. So goodbye, Karlie. And then we’re at

Unknown Speaker 38:09
2020 and life seems pretty

Unknown Speaker 38:10
good nothing has happened since then. The only Mile Marker we have for 2020 that relates to the story and it also is a great opener sneak peek of our next episode is the full Kanye and Taylor phone call footage is released that proved Taylor did not lie Kim edited video it basically wrapped up this entire decade long saga that begun with an interrupting her them DVRs blah blah blah that ended and that’s where we are toda

Unknown Speaker 38:43
and doesn’t Karlie

Unknown Speaker 38:44
wish she stuck around. It worked out for Taylor. She’s doing fine. She has a very wonderful long term relationship. She’s She’s okay. It’s it’s still sad and to summ

Unknown Speaker 39:01
rize can we can we beat out what I say next? Yes. Can we

Unknown Speaker 39:04
dd a Yeah, any class can go herself way I kind of want to say it just for fun. Karlie Klosse c

Unknown Speaker 39:12
n go herself. Alright, let’s say it toge

Unknown Speaker 39:22
her. So I want to give a quick shout out to my friend Alison white, she inspired me to make this game. And if you have any gamer girls requests or ideas, any fun quizzes we can do, please send them to us on our Contact Us page on our website. So, Allie, this game is called the Taylor ABCs. The objective is to name a Taylor song for every letter of the alphabet. But Taylor’s songs only start with 21 of the 26 letters. So I’m going to call them out so you don’t waste time on letters that don’t have a song. Okay? Okay, good. For each letter, you’ll have 10 seconds to name a song. And I’ll have a timer going on my end, you’ll get one point per song named, and you can name as many as you want within the 10 seconds. When the 10 seconds are up, I’m going to call the next letter. And your goal is to get at least 20 points, and I’ll be telling them up on this legal pad. Then I’m not allowed to like Go

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