2. Karlie Kloss: The Glory Days (Part 1)

The (Very Rough) Transcripts

Ali Klebous 0:00
Welcome to the first episode of Good for a weekend the podcast where two friends talk about Taylor Swift. We’re your hosts.

Kressie Kornis 0:06
I’m Kressie.

Ali Klebous 0:07
And I’m Ali.

Kressie Kornis 0:08
And today’s episode is about Taylor’s friendship with Karlie Kloss, titled The Glory Days. So Karlie Kloss is a famous supermodel. She was a Victoria’s Secret Angel, back when that was a thing. She’s been in the business for a while, and she’s definitely very well established in the fashion world. She was one of the spokes models for Express and L’Oreal. You’ve definitely seen her even if you don’t recognize her name.

Ali Klebous 0:37
So Karlie and Taylor for those of you who don’t know, were inseparable, absolutely best best friends. Karlie had a room and Taylor’s house, they shared a Vogue cover together. They were photographed doing everything from going out to eat to go into the gym to shopping. I’m telling you, they were honestly they were pretty adorable best friends. Back in the day they were at but, fast forward, honestly, to around the time that Taylor went into hiding right before Reputation, Karlie and Taylor are no longer seen together, no longer having personal birthday posts, no more shopping dates, no more working out together. I don’t even want to take away too much detail right now because it gets pretty juicy, but they were best friends, now they’re not.

Kressie Kornis 1:29
So our story begins in 2012. For just a little context of what was going on at this time. Taylor was 22. This was her first Vogue cover. Ride was to come out that year in October and no singles had been released at this point. So we had not even a taste of Red, and she said that this album will be about an earth shattering absolute crash and burn heartbreak. So she was she was really setting up red to be an era rightfully. At this point. She had dated Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, and Jake Gyllenhaal. So I think that sets the scene pretty well. And before we get into how Karlie plays into this, I did want to read this quick quote that Taylor has, I think it’s really funny. She gives a list of her red flags. And her fourth one says, direct quote, “Also, I can’t deal with someone who’s obsessed with privacy. People kind of care if there are two famous people dating but no one cares that much. If you care about privacy, to the point where we need to dig a tunnel under this restaurant so that we can leave. I can’t do that.” And quote, this is coming from the girl who climbs into suitcases she’s not seen leaving her apartment. I just think this is it really shows how young she was at this point.

Ali Klebous 2:44
Yeah, it sounds like a very personal experience. So it sounds like she was thinking about one person in particular who like couldn’t deal with the fame.

Kressie Kornis 2:55
So Karlie plays into this because in the interview, Taylor’s spots of photo of Karlie a modeling photo. Karlie is in some designer dress, and she [Taylor] says “I love Karlie Kloss”. I want to bake cookies with her and Karlie responds that very day the same day that that article came out. Karlie tweeted “Hey @TaylorSwift love the at Vogue magazine cover! Your kitchen or mine? :)” end quote and that was it for 2012 it was very pure. They just wanted to bake cookies together and Taylor kind of initiated it and we don’t see anything else from Karlie and Taylor from that January February 2012 until 2013 in November.

Ali Klebous 3:41
These girls don’t meet for two years. I guess the cookies date sesh just never happened, but are two busy people. You know Taylor released Red, probably went on tour, Karlie doing God knows what modeling (probably supermodel stuff). I can’t even begin to understand be but I wish I knew. It has been two years since Karlie tweeted at Taylor after that fateful Vogue interview where she said she wants to bake cookies with Karlie.

Kressie Kornis 4:11
And what a specific ask, too.

Ali Klebous 4:16
I read somewhere that Karlie would bring cookies to their makeup artists or something, and so I guess makeup artists are to tell Karlie and Taylor apparently that “oh you two are so much alike. Oh your shoot you two should really get together you would really like each other.” So I think that that kind of played a role. So there was a lot of heresay I guess between people in the industry that “oh my god, Karlie and Taylor. They’re so like, and they should be. You should meet.”

Kressie Kornis 4:47
And that also totally goes along with Taylor’s Good girl persona, because this was before Red even came out and she was like, “I want to bake cookies with her,” like that goes with who she was at that time for sure.

Ali Klebous 4:59
Absolutely. It’s all about the context we’ve really got to understand because the next thing that happens, I was confused by it. But basically after this Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show they are tweeting, or instagramming posting somewhere best friends forever BFF on Instagram, a photo where she says, “We were both young when I first saw you,” and then it’s like “heart my favorite Taylor song.” It’s just it’s very warm and fuzzy. You can obviously tell these two finally met they were really infatuated with each other. They have a Polaroid later on where it says vs fashion show 2013 best friends forever. So obviously, I would say that they hit it off would be an understatement to the point where I feel like they must have been texting for at least two years throughout this time, or at least DMing or commenting on posts, you know, yeah, they were acquaintances at minimum for sure. So later after the show, Karlie is quoted saying” We met at the show we never met before. But we’re BFFs. Now it’s nice to meet another American Girl. We’re the same age. And she’s so inspiring. She’s so talented. And she’s so true to who she is. She’s a cool girl. And I’m glad she’s in the show this year. She rocked it.” Warm and fuzzy. All the fields here cure just only good things to say. So for a while, I kind of found it hard to believe that they met at the show, but apparently it’s the truth. They just really hit it off. And let me tell you, it goes into a whirlwind, especially once we hit 2014, Kressie.

Kressie Kornis 6:36
All right, I’ll take it over. So 2014 as where their friendship really hits the public eye right after their first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show together. So we’ll begin in March they go on a road trip to Big Sur California and Curley post two pictures on Instagram from the strip. She posts one where it’s her writing in the sand. It’s a big heart and in the heart, it says “Karlie hearts Taylor” and then the second one is a photo of her and Taylor in front of a seal, and side note, Taylor’s eye liner or looks so good in this post she looks incredible for a road trip look, like who looks that good in a road trip. Then in April they were spotted taking strolls and running errands and all over Soho all over New York. And then in May, this is the first time they get ready for the Met Gala together now. The Met Gala later on in this episode is going to get messy. So yes, just remember the Met Gala. 2014 as a simple time, things were fine. Nothing hurt yet. Karlie posts a picture of them getting ready together and she captions it hashtag pre Met Gala glam party with @Taylor Swift. Then we get to July 2014. So Taylor has her infamous Fourth of July party. From our understanding and from our research, this was her first like big one with a lot of other celebrities. This was definitely to us. The party that coined her yearly Fourth of July party

Ali Klebous 8:02
It had Lena Dunham Jamie King. There were a lot of Instagrams from a lot of different celebrities.

Kressie Kornis 8:07
A lot of a lot of posts from a lot of blue checkmarks

Ali Klebous 8:10
Mm hmm.

Kressie Kornis 8:11
So they’re also spotted that same mom running errands in Soho having lunch in Tribeca. They’re also seen dancing at an Ingrid Michaelson concert. On stage, the song that’s playing at the time is called afterlife. And the kind of dancing and a cute, dorky, fun way that you would dance with your friend at a concert. And we’ll post a link to this on our website.

Ali Klebous 8:31
Yes, definitely not slow dancing. Definitely not like bachelor-esque.

Kressie Kornis 8:35
No, no, it’s not like creepy, but they’re just dancing around. They’re having fun. It’s cute. It’s how you dance it at concerts with your friends and they’re on stage. It’s fun. There are other people on stage too, it’s a big group.

Ali Klebous 8:46
I just remembered something I saw. I don’t know if it was an interview or tweet but it was something like they invited Karlie and Taylor to like an after party after that. And Taylor responds, “We, I mean, Karlie, has an early morning for this runway show.” So like, going anywhere with like without each other. So I mean, like it just shows how close they were at this time. Also wish I was them, but that’s for another day. What a life.

Kressie Kornis 9:12
This brings us to September 2014. So, Taylor had a Rolling Stone cover this year and this. This is a cover. All right, just to paint a picture if you haven’t seen it before. She’s in a white tank top Levi’s. She’s at the beach and her hair’s all wet. It’s very sexy. It’s a very, very sensual photoshoot.

Ali Klebous 9:33
I would say even to this day, probably one of her sexy issues.

Kressie Kornis 9:37
Mm hmm. I agree. She’s like laying in the water with her body off the ground at one point. I mean, she looks good. But again, she’s not like she’s not in lingerie. She’s not even in a bikini like still tasteful. But it was definitely like, I’m sexy now. Yeah, she rocked it. She was really she was already fast, but she was really really peaking at this point. So Just for context, also, I should say by peeking I don’t mean that this was her peak. We’ll get there. I’m just saying things are good for her right now. Things are going well, a little bit of context. She’s 24. At the time she has her two cats, Olivia and Meredith, and 1989 is about to come out the very next month after this Rolling Stone cover. It comes out that October, and that’s her first pop album, and she spends a lot of time and this interview saying that she’s super paranoid about being wiretapped. She’s very crazy about her privacy. She checks dressing rooms and bathrooms for cameras before she uses them. She only plays 1989 through her iPhone and headphones, because she is so afraid that she’s somehow wired. And this is so different from that very first Vogue article that we talked about where she talks about how she can ever be with someone who cares that much about privacy. So things have definitely changed for her at this time.

Ali Klebous 11:00
Definitely shows the impact of Red for her.

Kressie Kornis 11:03
Exactly. Read was that powerful.

Ali Klebous 11:06
And even though 1989 is her first pop album, I would say read was definitely a transitionary album the stepping stone.

Kressie Kornis 11:14
Yeah, for sure. In this interview, Taylor gives a tour of her home and she points to a guestroom. And this is her apartment in New York. And the quote says “Swift leads the way and to one of her four guests bedrooms. ‘This is where Karlie usually stays’ she says, meaning supermodel Karlie Kloss, a new BFF, whom she met nine months ago at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.” There’s a basket of Kloss’s favorite wholefoods treats next to the bed and multiple photos of her on the walls and quote, so this is less than a year after they met and Karlie has her own bedroom.

Ali Klebous 11:53
I mean, even the writer is pointing out nine months after they met nine months.

Kressie Kornis 12:01
There are a whole food snacks there that are Karlie’s favorite, you know that they’re all organic with a short shelf life. She was going there often.

Ali Klebous 12:10
Don’t even let me get into this. But Karlie’s cookies non dairy non gluten like she has her own brand or makes them at least or something. I don’t know I watched a 30 minute compilation video by an account that was called Taylor cookies.

Kressie Kornis 12:29
If that tells you anything, we’re anti Kaler just for the record, but you’ll realize that soon so this brings us to October 1989 is released. Karlie and Taylor are spotted at a Knicks game drinking beer. You might have seen these photos are pretty famous. Again. We’ll have them on our website.

Ali Klebous 12:45
I mean Taylor Swift drinking beer. That’s just so–

Kressie Kornis 12:48
I remember seeing that photo and Taylor Swift drinking beer spotted at Knicks game like on all the magazines, it was pretty big. I think that might have been one of the first times, if not the first, that she was with alcohol in a photo.

Ali Klebous 13:00
I think so. And that’s kind of scary. I can kind of I can get why maybe she wouldn’t drink in public before that. You know what I mean? Like it’s kind of scary.

Kressie Kornis 13:08
She had a persona.

Ali Klebous 13:09
Yeah. And even if you’re just a little tipsy, you just don’t know what’s gonna happen.

Kressie Kornis 13:13
Exactly. The lipstick could be off her her perfect red lipstick. Boy could that get messed up, she can’t risk it. And red lipstic in general is pretty difficult to keep up, the stakes are too high. For that reason alone, let’s–let’s forget the persona, just the lipstick.

Okay, so we’re in December 2018. Now and Taylor turns 25 this month, this month. Things get kind of gossipy here, Taylor and Karlie go to a the 1975 concert and a fan tweets a photo of them just to give you an image of it. It looks like the fan took it from floor seats. And Taylor and v are on balcony seats. It kinda looks like a VIP area. It’s like kind of roped off. It’s like it’s elevated above the floor seats. And in the photo, it’s two photos. The first one you can see, this is definitely Taylor and Karlie. It shows both of their faces. And then in the second one, the faces are very close. And it looks like they’re kissing. And the caption of the tweet says it, I’m not going to quote it exactly, because I don’t want to give this person a lot of credit, because I think this caused a lot of struggle for Taylor and Karlie, but it essentially said, Oh, my God, look, Taylor and Karlie are kissing. Yeah, it has been debunked.

Ali Klebous 14:34
There were literally magazine titled, like, you know, probably all those sketchy ones that lie about things and all, just because of this one tweet from this random account.

Kressie Kornis 14:46
As of today. It has just a few hundred followers. Like it’s not a reliable source. You know, it’s Stan Twitter. I think they saw a moment and they were caught in it and they’re out. Yeah, I should tweet this. When else are you going to be in the same room as Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss and you happen to get a photo of them that looks like they’re kissing? And that person may have believed it, you know? So let’s let’s move past it that definitely that caused some strain not in their friendship necessarily, but just in general with Taylor in the media.

Ali Klebous 15:18
Yeah, definitely doesn’t help.

Kressie Kornis 15:20
No. And then Taylor had her 25th birthday, that 13th of that month, Beyonce and Jay Z were there. This is a pretty famous birthday party of hers. You might have seen the photos, a lot of famous people were there. And also just for context, allegedly, Selena Gomez was there and cried about Justin Bieber. Like, Justin Bieber, Selena?

Ali Klebous 15:40
I know, but every party needs a little bit of drama.

Kressie Kornis 15:43
I would be so mad.

Ali Klebous 15:45
I know. Yeah, just we can’t get into that.

Kressie Kornis 15:48
Selena read the room. Selena, Beyonce is here. Beyonce. You’re gonna act up in front of Beyonce. Oh, Justin Bieber. You think Beyonce gets a shit about Justin Bieber. After her birthday party, she tweeted as my 25th birthday present from the media, I’d like for you to stop accusing all of my friends of dating me. Hashtag thirsty. So this this might have been the only time Taylor has recognized the rumors of she and Karlie together. And at the end of this year, they have their Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show the second one, so it’s their second show together. And this is the one where Taylor is wearing the pink robe. And her hair is short. And she looks incredible. And now we’re in 2015.

Ali Klebous 16:42
I do want to add that at this Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show her and Karlie literally walked together. They’re holding hands and they’re walking in front of all the other angels. The angels are like, lined up at the back of the stage and Taylor and Karlie are just like strutting.

Kressie Kornis 17:03
Imagine feeling so inferior like as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, you know, like, Yeah, probably the peak of their career and then just watching it and I can, I don’t know I can put myself in their shoes and just feel inferior. Have one of the angels walking hand in hand with the popstar?

Ali Klebous 17:21
Yeah. And that just kind of really makes me think about the notoriety Karlie got from being friends with Taylor, which could be a good thing and a bad thing we’ll talk about a little bit later, Karlie’s always asked about being friends with Taylor and interviews, which could definitely be annoying, but also, I think she has acknowledged at least to some degree that part of her success has come from being friends with Taylor and I’m sure it definitely made Karlie Kloss a better known name. And I think that’s a good segue to talking about their vote cover together. Oh, let’s fast forward to the march cover of Vogue in 2015

Now, Karlie and Taylor share the cover of Vogue. And on the cover it says unstoppable, inseparable, adorable Honestly, I feel like that pretty much says it all. Best Friend goals, a Vogue cover and the cutest caption ever, unstoppable, inseparable adorable. Now let me tell you this video by Vogue, it’s literally titled “who’s the best best friend.” They make Taylor and Karlie do these best friend challenges with each other. It’s really cute.

Kressie Kornis 18:33
It’s really cute and really sad to watch now knowing what’s going to happen.

Ali Klebous 18:38
So in the who’s the best best friend video, they’re like, literally set to challenges they have to name What emoji encompasses the other person. So Taylor tells Karlie that she’s the sunshine emoji, the sunshine with the face. Just Just to clarify, just to clarify, yeah, and then Karlie tells Taylor that she the princess emoji because she’s blond and has a crown and blue eyes and blue eyes. It’s just so wholesome. It’s honestly really sweet.

Kressie Kornis 19:10
It’s it makes me sad though to watch it, because they’re so in sync. And they are best friends in that moment. 100% you cannot fake that. And it’s so sad to look at this. And to know what Taylor is about to go through. And to know that Karlie wasn’t there for her.

Ali Klebous 19:28
Oh, I literally just got chills. I’m not even joking. Let’s, let’s keep going. We gotta keep going. We’re gonna we’re gonna start crying. But anyways, yeah, they’re so in sync. It’s literally like sugar plums and fairies. I’m not exaggerating. This is the cutest video I’ve ever seen. We get into the interview. And honestly, we both decided if we were Karlie, we’d be a little pissed. Because you would think–

Kressie Kornis 19:54

Ali Klebous 19:55
–Yeah, yikes. You would think that the whole article would be about Karlie and Taylor and how sweet and wholesome and best friends and like, just so happy. The whole interview is pretty much about Taylor. And I think it almost makes it worse that they like bring up her and Karlie’s friendship, but then they literally talk about Taylor’s other famous friends too. It’s like, almost like they’re using Karlie as a segue into talking about the squad. And I’m not exaggerating. I think Karlie peeps in two, maybe three times throughout the whole interview.

Kressie Kornis 20:31
It’s about Taylor. It’s a link the article on our website so you can read it. But if you don’t want to read it, we promise you it looks like an interview with Taylor Swift. Karlie, who Karlie who I would be so annoyed.

Ali Klebous 20:45
I mean, and just think about, you know, this isn’t the only interview Karlie has where it’s all about Taylor. I mean, that’s got to wear on you.

Kressie Kornis 20:52
Oh, we should also say that’s not Taylor fault. That’s the writers. Well, not even the writers fault. The writers writing what the people want. And it sucks. But that’s just how it is.

Ali Klebous 21:02
It’s just how it is. I mean, Taylor’s one of the biggest stars of our lifetime, 1989 and that just says, enough. Another part of this interview that’s mostly about Taylor, that we found super fascinating is that it talks about how if Taylor wears heels, Karlie wears flats. So that just shows how in sync their friendship is and how aware they were of the public eye on them that they want to be the same height and photos.

Kressie Kornis 21:31
And if you look up their paparazzi pictures, it’s it’s true if Taylor’s wearing heels, Karlie isn’t legit flip flops or sandals, not something a model normally wears out. They are the same height and most of their paparazzi pictures and it’s so interesting to see that they did that on purpose.

Ali Klebous 21:49
So Karlie is 6 foot and Taylor is 5’10 and I think this really hits home for us too. We’re both really tall girls.

Kressie Kornis 21:57
Were aware of our shoes.

Ali Klebous 21:59
Yeah, we are aware of our shoes if I were anything that’s higher than two inches, probably even if I were two inches itself, I know what my height is. So it’s just it’s really cute and because probably their entire life like we were they’ve avoided wearing certain shoes because in pictures you look taller than all of your friends and as to tall women they probably grew up with that experience and they they knew we need to make sure were the same height and pictures. We just do. I like how in sync they are. And I think people other celebrity friends they would say like how Karlie and Taylor they were just both these like blonde very similar looking tall women. Also them appearing together really made a statement. They turned heads.

Kressie Kornis 22:39
Yeah, too tall women just like walking into a place.

Ali Klebous 22:43
Yeah, you don’t see that happen often and they’re blonde. They look similar is beautiful. They’re beautiful. They even talked about how they dressed in similar ways. Yes. So even without trying. They dressed alike. Yeah, I think I read some article It was like Karlie showed up to Taylor’s apartment it was in like a black crop shirt and a skirt. And Taylor was wearing literally the same thing with like, probably they’re both probably wearing like, booties. And they’re like, we can’t walk out here.

Kressie Kornis 23:11
Well, yeah. I think she said I think it was Taylor. She said, “Oh my god, we’re so annoying.” Like something like that. Yeah.

Ali Klebous 23:21
Yeah, it’s a really pure friendship, pure friendship. And also in February 2015. I just have to note that there’s a picture of Taylor, Karlie and Kim Kardashian from the BRIT Awards. So I mean, it just kind of shows this moment nothing had happened yet very, very pure. campaign Taylor their friends Kim K’s favorite Taylor songs love story or something. I don’t know.

Kressie Kornis 23:46
Yes, Love Story. (imitating Kim) “I love love story. I love Taylor Swift.”

Ali Klebous 23:53
I wish that could be our intro.

Kressie Kornis 23:56
We will get sued so fast.

Ali Klebous 23:58
We really would like Kim herself no Chris. Okay anyways, may 2015. A few months later, Bad Blood music video comes out with the whole squad, including Karlie, Karlie and Taylor are the boxers in the video. They’re in the ring together and they’re fighting but there’s also 100, not 100 but a lot of other Taylor friends in this video, including Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid. Really the squad is just in their glory days in 2015.

Kressie Kornis 24:28
And we should also mention just a little context of the bad blend music video since this is going to come up again later. Taylor is never publicly said this but Katy Perry has, and I think Katy Perry just by acknowledging it kind of makes it true, you know, but allegedly Bad Blood is about Katie period. Allegedly, Katy bought out a bunch of dancers from Taylor’s red tour. And Taylor talks about I thought we were friends blah, blah, blah. You hired all these people out from under me. I’m gonna write the song and The media picked up on that it became pretty clear that this is probably about Katy Perry. And then the squad music video it it kind of it was kind of mean girl.

Ali Klebous 25:12
Yeah, it was kind of like look at my hot friends.

Kressie Kornis 25:14
And I I love Taylor and I will defend her until I die. But this music video kind of rubbed me the wrong way. She kind of seemed like the mean girl like look at me and my 11 model friends. We all don’t like you Katy Perry. They’re all on my side. I think it would have been a good music video if it didn’t have the entire squad but I even if it didn’t mean to be a statement, it felt like a statement. And that rubbed me the wrong way but I do. I don’t think it was that intentional.

Ali Klebous 25:44
Especially again with like Taylor and her feelings about growing up and not having very many friends in high school. She might not have thought of it that way.

Kressie Kornis 25:54

Ali Klebous 25:55
And then maybe never thought about the repercussions of having all of her friends in the video, and then everyone being like, Oh, this is about Katy Perry. Maybe she didn’t know that it would be such public knowledge at that point. Hmm. And then exactly who but then Katy Perry in the carpool karaoke interview. We’ll get to that. Yeah, that’s gonna be a different episode that’s coming up. Let’s go on up. So in June 2015, from the Hyde Park concert of the 1989 tour, Karlie says that this is her first time ever seen Taylor perform. So again, this is the 1989 era. Things are about to get real real quick, but until then, I mean, at this time, Taylor’s bringing out her mall friends on stage, there’s all these photos.

Kressie Kornis 26:42
Yeah, she had a surprise guest every concert at 1989.

Ali Klebous 26:46
Who was your surprise guest? I forgot.

Kressie Kornis 26:49
I don’t want to talk about it. It was Tove Lo.

Ali Klebous 26:51
Oh no.

Kressie Kornis 26:53
My surprise guests was Tove Lo they saying Talking Body together. It was Atlanta. Mercedes Benz stadium.

Ali Klebous 27:01
Wow, great stadium if none of you have been there, but most of you are probably Atlanta listeners, at least for our first episode.

Kressie Kornis 27:07
So all of all 12 of our friends, all 12 of our friends, their family members, or family members or friends, too.

Ali Klebous 27:14
I mean, come on. We obviously have plenty of fans– friends. We have a Taylor Swift podcast.

Kressie Kornis 27:20
I love how you said fans and this is our first episode.

Ali Klebous 27:23
I mean, I already have a name for our fans, but Kressie won’t let me say it until our fourth episode. So in July 2015, there at the MetLife Stadium, and during this there’s a video of Taylor giving a speech, and she’s talking about how she moved to New York, obviously, Welcome to New York is one of her songs. It’s how she opened 1989 tour. But I think she was in a different outfit at that point. But anyway, sometime during their tour, she does this speech and she talks about how basically moving to New York changed her life. And she says and that doesn’t have to do with geography it has to do with the people I met. And she says “So if that’s you, pat yourself on the back. I love you so much.” Let me just say Karlie was at that show. So, I mean, she just gave a speech at her 1989 tour, arguably, one of her best tours probably the best tour and said that well, wow. So that’s a lot. And then August 2015, they go to the VMAs. Together, they have all their other friends. It was there. The whole squads there, Taylor is wearing her hounds to to peace Get up. She has the very intense eyeliner. It’s just an iconic moment and the whole squads there. There’s a video of Taylor like running to go up and hug Karlie Taylor’s living her best life, nothing Bad’s happened yet. that’s about to change. Kressie take it away.

Kressie Kornis 28:53
All right. I hope you’re sitting down listeners, because we’re in February 2016. And we’re not going to get too deep. into this because our next episode is going to break this down month by month of this entire decade situation. But just for quick context, Kanye released his album life of pablo, and his song Famous was on it. Taylor has a spokesperson that speaks out and says there’s a lyric about her that Tayor did not approve. And the line and the song is “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.” And if you watch concert videos of Kanye, he doesn’t. It’s it’s, it’s awful. It’s kind of gross because he says, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex Why?” And then he points the mic at the crowd. And the crowd shouts “I made that bitch famous,” like 10 times like like 10 at minimum 10 times. And it’s it’s gross.

Ali Klebous 29:54
And there’s a video I don’t know if it was later or at this point, probably later after the whole feud, but like where they literally Shout “fuck Taylor Swift” like over and over that’s just disgusting like that’s just so distasteful but anyways carry on

Kressie Kornis 30:07
Yeah, we’ll we’ll get into that but this is important context. So this is February of 2016. So in March that spring Karlie and Taylor they’re still spotted together occasionally they’re going to the gym are running errands. Nothing major, nothing too notable and then we get to the Met Gala. This was the bleachella Met Gala. Bleachella for those of you who don’t know is when Taylor cut her hair very very short. And she was on the cover of Vogue with this look and bands call it which allowed it was very jarring she had black lipstick her like white blond hair like like chin length. And she had had this it was almost a snake pattern too, which is crazy. Totally, like predicted their reputation. Look I love it but it was a look. I will defend bleachella until I die. I love the look. We’ll post photos on our website so you can see if you don’t know. But at the Met Gala, while she was bleachella, Karlie allegedly took photos of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift dancing, and apparently she shared them. And for those of you who don’t know, Taylor, briefly, and when I say briefly, I mean for a singular second or two, maybe like a month. Taylor briefly dated Tom Hiddleston after she broke up with Calvin Harris.

Ali Klebous 31:32
It was a whirlwind though, they went to like Italy, it was very public.

Kressie Kornis 31:39
Yes, yeah. And this is also the same night that Taylor met Joe all in her current boyfriend, but we’ll get into that later.

Ali Klebous 31:47
We love you, Joe.

Kressie Kornis 31:48
Yes. kind of sketchy that Karlie took this photo of Taylor and Tom because it totally it went to the tabloids it and made it public. it would not have gone as public as it did I mean it totally obviously Taylor and Tom were totally playing off their relationship and they weren’t hiding it at all but I think this really this really set the scene and maybe didn’t start things off with Joe in the best way but I mean, they’re together now. So who are we to say but I do think it’s super important to say that it was Karlie who took those photos of them dancing. (Ali: I just think the weirdest part because it looks like a Snapchat video you would take have any friends like I might take a few) it’s a very grainy (Ali: it’s a very grainy blurry photo just so people know it’s definitely like a friend photo, but being best friends with Taylor Swift you you wouldn’t take a grainy photo like that and put it anywhere unless I don’t even know there was ill intentions maybe) Yeah, or maybe not even say it’s ill intentions. It’s just it wasn’t a good move. Now if that if this is what happened and that is what we believe happened. So things, things aren’t going great. This is not a good year for Taylor. When did Taylor and Calvin break up, do you remember?

Ali Klebous 33:07
Around this time, because Tom and Taylor Swift started dating really quickly after Calvin until I mean, of course we don’t really know exactly when Taylor and Calvin broke up, probably. So maybe it wasn’t as quickly as the public. So yes, but it was not that long ago at this point.

Kressie Kornis 33:25
Yeah, and not to make this about Taylor, just really quick, quick timeline. 2016 not great starts with the Kanye thing. She and her longtime boyfriend Calvin break up. She has a rebound and her best friend publicizes it. Things aren’t things aren’t great.

Ali Klebous 33:42
And people really ridiculed her bleachella look. So again, yes.

Kressie Kornis 33:49
Even though we love it, oh, wait wait wait wait wait wait. I just remembered. Sorry listeners to take you on this roller coaster. Taylor and Calvin were totally dating during bleachella.

Ali Klebous 34:01

Kressie Kornis 34:01
Because there’s a picture of Taylor at Coachella. That’s why it’s called bleachella because she was at Coachella here. And she was dancing to “This Is What You Came For,” which she wrote with Calvin Harris.

Ali Klebous 34:14
Oh my god. Wow.

Kressie Kornis 34:16
So there’s a lot of overlapping and the relationships here. So we’ll have the timeline and our website will have the pictures. But yeah, thanks things are messy right now. Things are very messy. The media is not on Taylor side right now. Especially because of what’s about to happen because the we’re we’re in July.

Ali Klebous 34:38
Oh gosh. Whoo.

Kressie Kornis 34:39
Here we go. July 2016. So another Fourth of July party. This is the party where Tom has the I heart TS shirt and Karlie is there. They have a picture of them at the top of this waterslide together. I think it might be the last one. I think it was because then she went into hiding. Then the same month, Kim Kardashian releases a snapchat video and again, we’re not going to dig too deep on this next episode. But this is important. She releases a snapchat video that makes it look like Taylor agreed to have that Kanye West lyric in his song. It’s edited. We’ll talk about it later. It was a lie, but Kim posted it. Taylor posted the infamous I would like to be excluded from this narrative. So a few weeks after this happened after the infamous Snapchat, Karlie was asked if Kim was a good person and in an interview they asked her if she thought Kim was a good person, and direct quote, Karlie replied, “ha. You know, I honestly, I– I,” she stuttered. “I think she’s been a lovely person to me in the past. Look, I really don’t know her that well” end quote. Yikes.

Ali Klebous 35:59
I think it’s kind of unfair that the interviewer even asked her this question, to be honest to be a little bit more sure. They know that they were digging for like a headline there. You know, like Taylor Swift’s best friend doesn’t like Kim.

Kressie Kornis 36:12
But Karlie had been famous for a while at this point. She knows how the media works. I’m assuming she knows to say, No comment. You would think. Instead, she decided to stay on Kim’s good side and say I don’t know her that well. So I don’t know. And this is not a good hill for Karlie to die on. Because she never really corrected this or backed up on this. I mean, she does tweet after this article came out “I will not allow the media to misconstrue my words. Taylor has had my back and I always have hers.” Does she though? Because she totally didn’t then and I understand it’s an article and things can be taken out of context. But she says Kim Kardashian is a lovely person and that she doesn’t know her that well. It’s not a good look.

Ali Klebous 36:55
Just be like next question please.

Kressie Kornis 36:58
So even if you want to say that this was taken out of context. She’s still said that Kim Kardashian was a lovely person to her and that she doesn’t know her that well and that’s that’s not something that you say about a person that try to take down your best friend like best friend, someone you had a Vogue cover with this other celebrity, not even sneakily, very, very right outwardly publicly straight up trying to take down Taylor This is not this is not playing games. This is very crystal clear. She wants to make her husband’s look like the good guy in this situation. And that’s not how you treat a best friend. Just say no comment if you don’t want to say anything, but I just get I can imagine Taylor seeing that and just being hurt because if you remember of this time in 2016, no one was sticking up for her

Ali Klebous 38:00
Yeah, no one not not not her best friend. Not even Karlie.

Kressie Kornis 38:05
No, no one was sticking up for her. No one. The entire narrative of the media was about how she’s a liar and she’s fake and she’s calculated and this was all a publicity stunt, and Karlie just added to that.

Ali Klebous 38:18
And if you’re Taylor’s best friend like you would be livid your blood would be boiling at the fact that Kim Kardashian released this video to make Taylor look bad. This was edited and obviously Karlie knew that. And then you know, I understand you she might have wanted to seem polite in the interview, but there would have been a classy way to say, like I think it was wrong of her to release that video and that video was edited. (Kressie: Even just saying no comment because no one is sticking up for Taylor right now.) And Karlie not doing it.

Kressie Kornis 38:52
It’s kind of the nail on the coffin of Taylor Swift’s quote unquote reputation. (Ali: Yeah) And births an incredible album. But it made Taylor go into hiding for a year. A year. (Ali: A year!) Yeah, like that was messed up Karlie, Karlie. That’s not cool. If she was your best friend, why would you not stick up for her publicly? Like, why would you care that much about your career that you would watch your best friend, crumble, fall so hard and go into such hiding because she thought the world wanted her dead for something that wasn’t even true. And if you’re someone’s friend and then you know that

Ali Klebous 39:32
Yeah, I just really think this is where things take a turn.

Kressie Kornis 39:36
And again, this is this is after the Met Gala and she took that picture of Taylor and Tom, and the media is otally against her and Karlie is kind of fueling it, even if it’s indirectly.

Ali Klebous 39:48
In October. This is one of their very last public sightings. So they’re leaving a restaurant called the Bowery ballroom and their West Serena Williams and Dakota Johnson. In November, Karlie and Taylor go to Lorde’s birthday party. That December, Karlie posts a picture for Taylor’s birthday and she calls her her ride or die. Karlie basically says Happy Birthday in a sweet way and that ends 2016.


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