14. The Rise and Fall of the Squad

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We’re back, baby! Beginning around Taylor Swift’s 1989 era, we see more and more of the highly publicized (and criticized) “Squad.” What is “The Squad” — and does it still exist? We answer these questions and give a history of Taylor’s friendships over the years and where they stand today, in all its shade and glory. We discuss Taylor’s introspective look at The Squad in her “30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30” essay for Elle, who all got a cardigan, Lorde’s tricky relationship with interviews, inner-squad conflict, who helped Taylor release her inner feminist, and SO much more. We close with who we think is in and out of Taylor’s friendship circle today, new and familiar names. Zendaya, why the shady tweet likes?!

The GFAW episodes we mention in this episode:

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