18. EMERGENCY EPISODE: EVERMORE??? It happened again.

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She’s done it again, folks. Every morning Taylor Swift wakes up and terrorizes us. Welcome to our second ever emergency episode. Much like our emergency Folklore episode, this is rough cut — no editing, no intro music — as is! Here is our unfiltered reaction of Taylor Swift’s new surprise album (TS9!?!?) Evermore.

Remember to send us your Evermore reactions on social media or to our email, gfaweekend@gmail.com. We would LOVE to receive audio recordings of your reactions as they come! If we get enough, we would love to make an Evermore listener reaction episode, or add those to our Swiftie Confessions episode. Speaking of Swiftie Confessions… remember that the deadline is December 13, 2020!

Swiftie confessionS Submission Rules:

  1. Nothing weird or sexual about Taylor. That means no speculating about her sex life, in any way. Please follow this rule out of respect for Taylor.
  2. Don’t call out certain Swifties. It’s okay if you want to rant about maybe a big fan account or have had some problems with Swifties, but do not specifically call them out, no names, usernames, nothing.
  3. Submit by Dec. 13 at the absolute latest. Email your Swiftie Confessions to gfaweekend@gmail.com — you may also send an audio recording saved as an mp3 file. The earlier you send your confession, the more likely it is that we will include it.

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