27. Special Announcement! New Discord and Hotline

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Are you dying to share your Fearless (Taylor’s Version) theories? We’ve got a place for you! In this episode, we share two exciting announcements — we have a new Good for a Weekend Discord AND hotline!

About the Discord

Discord is basically a giant chatroom. You can download the Discord app or use it on your desktop. Some of our favorite podcasts have their own discord, so we’re joining in on the fun too! We get so many great and insightful emails, comments, and DMs from you all, and we wanted to open up the discussion for everyone! We’re active on there and have a pretty solid group so far and we would love for you to join.

There, you can share any Taylor Swift related revelations, episode feedback or suggestions, Taylor Swift memes, or really anything. It will definitely be THE place to be the next time Taylor Swift announces something and you’re freaking out because we’re all gonna be there freaking out too, live in real time.

Chat with us on Discord here: https://discord.gg/jh9NUebYjh

About the GFAW hotline:

Around once a month we’re thinking of having an episode dedicated to playing our hotline messages called… insert name here? Maybe Fireside Chats? Let us know what you think! This is just a fun experiment that may or may not work, we’ll see… You can call (205) 693-9160 to leave us a voicemail, and your call may be featured in a GFAW episode!

For now, we would LOVE to hear your predictions for Taylor’s Fearless re-release set for April 9th. Tell us what you think is going to happen! What are the bonus tracks? Will we get new music videos or just lyric videos? Just be sure to introduce yourself at the beginning of the call by giving us a name or username! Let’s go on this journey together!

Call the GFAW hotline: (205) 693-9160

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You can learn more about this episode and any sources at our website, www.gfaweekend.com.