28. Don’t Blame Ali: Rebekah Harkness & Marjorie Finlay, Happy Women’s History Month I Guess

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In this edition of Don’t Blame Ali, Ali shares her unfiltered take on the recent attention Taylor Swift has received following her tweet on Monday to Netflix show Ginny & Georgia after one of their episode’s made a sexist joke at Taylor’s expense. “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.” In honor of Taylor and Women’s History Month, Ali focuses on two strong and incredible women who influenced songs on Taylor’s Folklore and Evermore albums respectively, Rebekah Harkness and Marjorie Finlay. If you love the songs The Last Great American Dynasty and Marjorie, this is the episode for you. Then finally, in a last ditch effort, Ali shares her theory on if the Folklore-Evermore trilogy album could still exist with an interesting take on Taylor’s music video for Cardigan. Is Ali the only trilogy believer left?









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