29. Evermore Listener Reactions and Grammys Predictions

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We share our listener’s emails, comments, and voicemails about Taylor Swift’s ninth album, Evermore. Tangents include the time Camila Cabello called Kressie’s friend MK “Curly Sue,” the connection of Dorothea and ‘Tis the Damn Season, and of course–Ali’s steadfast hope for the mythical third sister album. We also discuss the 2021 Grammys this upcoming Sunday, Taylor’s competition, and our predictions. Will Taylor sweep? What will she perform? How much did Scooter pay for the Yummy nom? Will Dua’s pandemic partying impact her chances? Is Kressie still a “would” for Jack Antonoff? (The answer is always yes. Gmail me, Jack!)

Thank you to everyone who submitted their Evermore reactions! We’re so excited to do it again with Fearless (Taylor’s Version) this April.

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