35. Five Songs About Taylor Swift …and Two That MIGHT Be!

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Whether it be from fictional characters from a movie (or Shakespeare 😉), past relationships, friendships, or family moments, it’s no secret that Taylor Swift often uses real life memories as inspiration during her song writing process. But–did you know Taylor has her very own share of songs written about her?

We start in 2008 to with Stephen’s (of Hey Stephen) song about Taylor all the way to present day and the most recent Swift-inspired bop we know of. Tangents include being a Nick or Joe kinda girl, Natalie Portman’s emails, if John Mayer deserves rights, Jessica Simpson’s Open Book, and our deep appreciation for Harry Styles. For all links to lyrics, music videos, and interviews referenced, be sure to visit our website http://www.gfaweekend.com. Here’s what we cover:

  • Love and Theft (Stephen Barker Liles) – “Try to Make it Anyway”
  • Jonas Brothers (Joe Jonas) – “Much Better,” and “Paranoid”
  • Owl City (Adam Young) – “Enchanted”
  • John Mayer – “Paper Doll”
  • One Direction (Harry Styles) – “Perfect”
  • Harry Styles – “Ever Since New York”

Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5KVQOjUkPhCAvic17wINqW?si=186532ef0d1a47ac

All those other boys… well they’re beautiful… but would they write a song for you? (insert Taylor giggle)

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