39. The Olivia Rodrigo Episode

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In this special episode of Good for a Weekend, Kressie and Ali discuss all things Olivia Rodrigo and her record-breaking new album Sour. Kressie and Ali start with a breakdown of Olivia’s upbringing and career, including her acting career with Disney including Bizaardvark and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. They also discuss the pandemonium caused by Olivia’s unforgettable debut single, Driver’s License, including the two songs in response to Driver’s License, Sabrina Carpenter’s Skin and Joshua Bassett’s Lie, Lie, Lie. Following a discussion of Olivia’s career, Kressie takes Ali through a timeline of Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift’s friendship and Olivia’s longtime appreciation of Taylor as a diehard Swiftie. Kressie and Ali end with their thoughts on the album Sour as a whole and a comparison of Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift’s careers. 

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