47. Interview with Kristina Parro, Author of Lucky: A Novel

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We interview author Kristina Parro and discuss her Taylor Swift inspired debut, Lucky: A Novel. Kristina shares her history as a Taylor Swift fan, her writing process, and interesting facts she learned about Rebekah Harkness and Holiday House during her research. Thank you Kristina for coming on the show!

Learn more about Kristina and buy Lucky: A Novel at her website: https://kristinaparro.com/

We also announce our upcoming edition of Swiftie Confessions at the end, as well as share our weekly Nightmares and Daydreams. Kressie once again begs for a Raya invite, and Ali teaches Kressie about The Bachelorette. You can email your Swiftie Confession to gfaweekend@gmail.com or share it in a three-minute voicemail to our hotline 205-693-9160.

  • Kressie’s Daydream: Mood Ring by Lorde
  • Ali’s Daydream: The Great (Available on Hulu)

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