In April of 2020, we were upset to learn that our Taylor Swift concert was cancelled. We were going to see her perform at Capital One’s Jam Fest for the Final Four. Kressie even got a Capital One card just for early access!

We coped by having Taylor-themed Zoom calls to make up for not seeing her live. We came prepared, dressed up, and ready with presentations to give to each other about our favorite Taylor moments. From there, we decided to make a Taylor Swift themed podcast, called Good for a Weekend — a nod to one of our favorite Taylor songs, Blank Space.

About Kressie

Kressie is a 24 year-old living and working as a writer in Atlanta. Kressie acts as the show’s researcher and writer. Hobbies she enjoys include doing stand-up at local comedy clubs, snuggling with Stella the cat, and learning about the latest niche internet drama.

  • Favorite Era: 1989
  • Favorite Album: 1989
  • Favorite Song: It’s complicated, but Blank Space, New Romantics, Cardigan, Gorgeous, Holy Ground, and Delicate are up there pretty high.
  • Favorite Performance: 1989 World Tour Blank Space, the entrance! She harmonizes with herself THRICE? Please inject this into my veins.
  • Favorite Line: “I had a marvelous time ruining everything” (The Last Great American Dynasty)
  • Favorite Music Video: LWYMMD
  • Favorite Song to Cry to: Champagne Problems
  • Favorite Underrated Song: Hey Stephen, Untouchable
  • Favorite Iconic Moment: no, its becky, and there were 5 holes in the fence
  • Favorite Look: Bleachella
  • Hill I’d Die On: Cruel Summer should’ve been the lead single

About Ali

Ali is a 25 year-old working in Charleston, South Carolina, and soon to be New York City! Ali acts as the show’s audio engineer and editor. Hobbies she enjoys include playing tennis, beating men at pool, all things Harry Potter, and listening to podcasts.

  • Favorite Era: Fearless
  • Favorite Album: Reputation, Lover
  • Favorite Song: Don’t Blame Me! But also, Lover, Blank Space, Treacherous, Long Live, White Horse, and Picture to Burn.
  • Favorite Performance: Should’ve Said No, 2008 ACMs (I will watch this performance until the day I die)
  • Favorite Line: “I ask the traffic lights if it’ll be alright, they say I don’t know” (Death by a Thousand Cuts)
  • Favorite Music Video: LWYMMD, The Man
  • Favorite Song to Cry to: State of Grace
  • Favorite Underrated Song: I Forgot That You Existed, Death by a Thousand Cuts
  • Favorite Iconic Moment: Mountain of Taylors in LWYMMD
  • Favorite Look: Her outfit in We Are Never Getting Back Together during her 1989 World Tour.
  • Hill I’d Die On: All Too Well is a great song, but stop saying it’s her best song!!!