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Planegate: Is Taylor Swift a Climate Criminal? Good for a Weekend: A Taylor Swift Podcast

Criticize the way you fly… when you're soaring through the sky… Unsurprisingly, Taylor Swift recently debuted at #1–except not on the Billboard 100–it was Yard marketing firm's recent list of top celebrity polluters with private jets. MK and Kressie have a nuanced discussion about the backlash Taylor has gotten and how we personally feel about the matter. At the end of the episode, Kressie shares her recent health struggles and why GFAW and her stand-up have been on a hiatus. MK shares that she is excited to be in Kressie's new will. MK's Daydream: Better Call Saul Kressie's Daydream: Only Murders in the Building (again!) Join the Good for a Weekend discussion! Discord TikTok Twitter Instagram Facebook
  1. Planegate: Is Taylor Swift a Climate Criminal?
  2. Co-host Update: Say Hello to MK!
  3. Bryanlicious2 and Taylor’s Horniest Lyrics
  4. Chatting with Brooke Barry: A Swiftie Influencer
  5. The Jack Antonoff Episode