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Bryanlicious2 and Taylor’s Horniest Lyrics Good for a Weekend: A Taylor Swift Podcast

Kressie chats with notable SwiftTok-er Bryan (Bryanlicious2) about his passion for interpreting Taylor Swift lyrics, Karyn the inflatable snake, the time he got banned from TikTok, what he think is coming next, and much more. Bryan's TikTok: Old Timey Crimey: Heaving Bosoms: Join the Good for a Weekend discussion! Discord TikTok Twitter Instagram Facebook GFAW Hotline: (205) 693-9160
  1. Bryanlicious2 and Taylor’s Horniest Lyrics
  2. Chatting with Brooke Barry: A Swiftie Influencer
  3. The Jack Antonoff Episode
  4. Saying Goodbye is Death by a Thousand Cuts (Don’t Blame Ali)
  5. We Finally Watched Cats