59. Chatting with Brooke Barry: A Swiftie Influencer

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Kressie chats with TikTok star, influencer, and Swiftie(!), Brooke Barry. Brooke, now 21, first went viral at 15 when she posted a short clip to an app called Musical.ly (which later became TikTok) set to Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift. Since then, Brooke has continued sharing her Swiftiness on her TikTok to her 3.1 million followers, all while producing regular, non-Taylor related content. We discuss Brooke’s sewing and her current goal to sew an outfit from each Taylor era, handling mean comments, sharing her love for Taylor with her husband Cole, and much more. Please check out Brooke online, @brookiebarry!

It is also announced in this episode that a new co-host has been chosen… but out of respect for our amazing time with Ali, we are going to continue our interview series for a few more episodes as a transitional period before sharing the successor. Thank you, Ali, for being an amazing co-host of almost two years! Please visit Ali’s website (http://www.writingontheway.com) to further support her ❤

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